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Damon Gets Christened

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve written a post! Life really does catch up with you at times!

Yesterday was Damon’s christening day. It was such a special day for me to see my little baby, and second son, get christened. Mark is not religious so I did thank him for allowing our son to be baptised into a religion (and a tradition) that he has not grown up with.

The day started off crrrraaazy with the house abuzz. Food being organised, babies having their bottles and sleeps and Mummy trying to do her hair and make up. You can imagine the state of the house when we left for the church (which is only 5 minutes down the road).

Our angel looked so sweet in my christening gown. A 36 year old gown that so many babies have worn over the years. Damon has such a sweet face that I did mention to Mark that the one day he would wear ‘a dress’ in his life, gave me a glimpse of what a daughter might of looked like had we had one together lol. I hope Damon does not feel he needs to read the book ‘Toxic Parents’ later in life after making that comment :)

We chose a wonderful couple to be Damon’s godparents. Two people that have shown us so much love and support since Mark has known them (and especially after the passing of his parents), and upon meeting me. They were great friends of Mark’s parents, so with Damon not having any Grandparents on Mark’s side, and with the couple’s only grandchildren overseas and interstate, it seemed only fit that we bring them into our family.

Aston was his happy, hyper self, cruising around the church during the ceremony, making friends with kids from another christening, sitting on the altar step facing the congregation…and eating his banana bar (not without calling out from the step for it first). He did make us laugh. He always manages to steal the show somehow.

It was lovely to have our family of boys together for such a special day. Nick and Angus haven’t been christened but they understand it and accept that their brothers are and they aren’t. After seeing some of the gifts that Damon received, we may have requests in the not too distant future from two little boys to be christened! He he he.






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  1. You all look fabulous! I remember this day very clearly and we Christened both our boys at the same time. They are only 15 months apart. Lachlan was 6 months and Lawrence 15months. It was exactly how you discribed your day……LOL regards, Sue

    • Oh Sue! I didn’t know you had two boys so close together too! Isn’t life just crazy at this stage of it?! Thanks for following my blog. Get ready for the adventures of the Lewis’ x


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