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ABC’s & 123’s

Today Aston ate a piece of cheese and some yoghurt for lunch. Don’t worry about the arrangement of beautiful gourmet food that Mummy put on a plate for him….ham, chicken, olives and toast (his usual daytime lunch). All that was eaten was the piece of cheese and Mummy’s yoghurt. Lucky Aston isn’t fading away so I’m not too worried

Everyday we set aside some time after lunch to go through the ABC’s, 123’s, play with puzzles, hide in cupboards, read books, you name it, we do it. You can never start too young! We must do something constructive and get a break from the television and Hi-5, or I fear that our eyes are going to turn square (I think my Mother used to tell me that?!-Oh dear, I’m using My Mother’s quotes )

Damon is very interested in books for a four month old. I couldn’t get Aston to sit still long enough to read him a whole book but of course being ‘Mr Technology’ he was right into reading interactive books on the iPad or iPhone. Nothing has changed. Give him bells, whistles, lights, interaction, Hi-5…and you’ve got his attention. Mark said last night that he feels that Damon will be the quiet achiever whilst Aston will want his name up in lights. I totally agree and I wouldn’t want it any other way .

Aston was a poser from day one. A challenging delivery into this world, lots of attention being the baby to two very excited big brothers, a first time Mum, a Dad revisiting fatherhood and a first grandson. Damon’s birth was very unassuming, 7 minutes and he entered the world. He is quiet, smiley and very attentive. Quite happy to sit in the background and watch, but soaking it all up I’m sure.

I often wonder if there’s any truth in what they say about a woman’s pregnancy and how it affects your unborn child. With Aston I had a calm, relaxed, wonderful pregnancy and bore a ‘firecracker of a son’ lol. With Damon I had a stressful, long winded, tiring pregnancy and bore ‘an angel’. Go figure!?



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