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Aston’s Little Red Wagon Has Been Fixed

Aren’t search engines on the Internet a wonderful thing. Being home on a weekend my husband experienced the stress of Aston being able to open any door in the house. I think finding Daddy’s phone and keyboard in his office was the breaking point :). Daddy found some door handle covers on the net that stop a child being able to turn the knobs on a door. We now have some very trendy looking, clear, plastic covers on our doorknobs. Very contemporary. Aston was not impressed when the door to the outside hallway wouldn’t turn. He was even less impressed when he couldn’t get into the pantry to do his day’s work! And not being able to get into the bathrooms anymore to put Daddy’s shoes in the toilet…boy, did we ‘fix his little red wagon’.

We went to the markets this morning with Aston’s grandparents. Hot, humid and very early, but we managed to get there at 8am, have breakfast without Aston stealing anyone’s fruit and vegetables and even wait in line to buy things without any tantrums.

Damon did it again tonight! He self settled himself to sleep at 7pm. I’m so proud of our little man. I’ve started having a chat with him at bedtime too, like I do with Aston. Don’t knock it until you try it (or think I’m nuts)! You may think he’s only four months old and doesn’t understand a word I’m saying but I disagree. He’s onto us adults ;)

It’s the end of another weekend. Back to hanging out together at home, just the three of us. Oh and our friends from Hi-5.


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