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Who needs Fast Cars, Fancy Restaurants & Fashion

More vaccinations yesterday, my poor little bubba Damon. Daddy has taken all four boys for every vaccination since Nick (his first) was born and yesterday was the first day he couldn’t take one of the boys. After experiencing it, I now know why he doesn’t want Mummy to see it! It’s distressing to say the least! But of course our angelic Damon was ok for the rest of the day and went to bed at 6:30pm. Thank goodness he didn’t have a reaction…until tonight!!! It’s 9:45pm and he’s only just fallen asleep! He was not himself and a little feverish. Poor little man.

What’s been happening in the world of Mummy, Aston and Damon? Hmm, not much since Daddy went back to work yesterday and the boys are back with their Mum until school starts again. Did I tell you Aston has learnt to climb ladders? Not sure where he gets ‘the want’ to resemble a monkey, although I’ve been told that as a toddler I was found at the top of the kitchen cupboards numerous times ;). Great, just another worry for Mummy. I can’t turn my back on the pantry step ladder for a second! Yesterday I was on the phone to my grandfather and rudely had to cut him off as I looked up and saw Aston on the top step of the pantry ladder leaning forward as far as he could, doing his ‘work’. It’s serious business moving the fruit boxes from the lower shelf to the higher shelf!

Damon is continuing to wear his eye patches and I can really see some improvement in his right eye. As the day wears on and he gets tired his eyelid does start to sag though so I’m still very concerned. He’s due back at the specialist in March so hopefully they can confirm that he’s going to be okay.

I got the green light to start back at work today! It’s exciting and scary all at the same time. I’m so torn but I know I need this for my wellbeing. No one ever warns you that being a mother will give you a whole new perspective on life. That selfish streak you once had no longer exists because the needs and wants of a small human being come before your own. It all gets put into perspective really….who needs fast cars, fancy restaurants and fashion when you have Leap Frog trains, Farex and Pumpkin Patch :)


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