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Mummy Goes to Lunch

Aston's AnticsMummy went to lunch today! And she fit into a little black skirt! ;)

The day started off well. Both boys woke at 7am, bottles were served, nappies were changed and naps were all had on time. Mummy (me) was off to lunch with a great group of ladies and she couldn’t wait to have a champagne. What was even better was the fact that one of her little black skirts actually fit! It was tight, but it zipped up! She’s well on the way to dropping those kilos and baby weight. That feels so good ;)

The babysitter arrived and ‘shooshed’ me out of the house. I was early for lunch but took the opportunity to drive slowly and take in the solitude :). I arrived at the restaurant and the ladies were waiting. Lunch was fantastic. It was great to catch up with such a wonderful bunch of women and exchange life stories and day to day banter. I did think of the boys a lot and couldn’t believe how I missed them, even though I was only going to be gone for three hours.

When I got home Aston was awake from his nap and running around the kitchen. He was so happy to see me he gave me very big hugs! After hugs he put his arms out to the babysitter!? Obviously he frets without me….not. Damon ‘firehosed’ the babysitter lol. I told her he only does that to people he likes ;)

The babysitter left and then came the drama……..

Aston decided that Damon’s rocking chair was fun to climb into and jump up and down in. All I saw was an accident waiting to happen, annnnnd sure enough the little guy fell face first onto the edge of the coffee table. Eye bleeding, tears flowing, mummy hugs needed . Only Aston! So, he now has a bruised eye on top of a bruised eye, a scratched nose and a fall on his chin from the day before last.

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