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Feeling The Love

Our little angel has been causing some grief with his awake time and sleep time. He is much better at settling through the night now but his new wake time is 5:30am! It’s not the greatest time in the world especially because Aston is up at 7am so there’s not much in between time to get back to sleep. I know this sleep deprivation won’t last forever but it sure is hard work…

We took the ‘sixsome’ out to the markets this morning for breakfast. As tired as I was I made myself get ready and get out of the house. It used to be a Sunday morning ritual to go and grab a bacon and egg roll and a really nice coffee with the boys until babies came along, so this was the first time we had all been back since Aston was born. It was nice although we now had two additions to our brood so it wasn’t as peaceful as it used to be. Aston was sitting up the front of the limousine pram whilst Damon was laying down behind him. Damon started the chain reaction off with tears, Aston followed shortly with loud grunts. He proceeded to push himself out of the pram seat too! Guess that meant both babies were being held and the limousine pram became our trolley… I have to note, we walked past one guy who nearly got in our way. He thought he cracked a ‘funny’ when he said ‘oh watch out, train coming through!’ Reeeeeal funny mate. I hope the young lad is blessed with multiple children one day….no make it, four children under the age of four…lol.

The markets were a success. We made it out of there with dinner for tonight, some fresh fruit and vegetables and full from breakfast. No tantrums, no nappy blowouts, no one vomited and no one missed a sleep (well, other than mummy) ;)

Damon Joseph Lewis is such a beautiful little boy. You forget just how sweet a new baby is when they are a few weeks old. Just the size of his beautiful hands, or his delicate little feet….he truly is an angel that we are so blessed to have. You don’t think you can love a second child as much as you love your first, but you do.

Delirious now. In bed. Night night.



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